Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scheduling at issue in Indiana

The scheduling of girls' and boys' high school basketball games in Indiana has long been an issue; an issue the Indiana High School Athletic Association has seemingly chosen to ignore. But a recent lawsuit filed by a parent will probably make them pay attention.
In the late 1990s IHSAA was told there were scheduling issues but, according to the lawsuit, nothing has been done to remedy the disparities.
At issue is the primetime scheduling boys receive while the girls play the majority of the basketball games on weeknights and Saturday afternoons.
The lawsuit was filed by a former* girls' basketball coach on behalf of her two daughters.
OCR warned IHSAA in 1997 about the scheduling problems.
Now IHSAA must respond to the charges within 23 days.

* Interestingly she was not rehired to coach the high school team in Franklin County. Wonder if there is a retaliation suit in here somewhere??