Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Castle Rock Update

We've been following the situation in Castle Rock, Washington (see prior posts here and here), where parents have been advocating for equal rights for girls teams to use the high school's lighted stadium,which has so far been reserved for the priority use by the football team. After initial complaints to the school board failed, one parent filed a complaint with OCR, alleging that it violates Title IX to exclude girls soccer from the stadium.

A recent letter from the school board appears to resolve the controversy by stating that future seasons' soccer games "may be played in the stadium." While this language is somewhat ambiguous ("may" meaning "might"? or "may" meaning "it is now permitted"?) both the complainant and the press seem to understand this as permission for girls soccer to play at least some of their games in the stadium next fall (as well as boys' soccer, which is a spring sport in Washington).

The letter also promises more Title IX training for school district employees. Hopefully those newly-trained employees will keep their eyes on the stadium situation. If girls are not given equal access to the favored facility, the complaint should be renewed.