Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Quinnipiac seeks to lift volleyball injunction

When Quinnipiac University tried to cut its women's volleyball team several years ago, it lead to the now famous and controversial case about cheerleading. (If you're not quite sure how that happened, click on the Quinnipiac tag.)
Early on in those proceedings volleyball asked for and received an injunction which prevented the university from cutting the team. That injunction is still in place while QU gets its proverbial house in order--i.e. they achieve compliance. Believing that are so, the university filed with the court in December of 2011. A hearing is scheduled for June 11.
But those watching QU closely say the university has not changed its ways. Sandra Staub of the Connecticut ACLU does not believe the university  has made any "meaningful improvement in the allotment of athletic opportunities for women at Quinnipiac." Additionally, QU is facing more legal proceedings regarding equal treatment. Staub argues that the school has some issues in the areas of facilities and coaching, among other unnamed items.
Clearly the university wants to replace the volleyball team. It has already fired the head coach. But whether they will have to seek out a new head coach remains to be seen.