Friday, March 23, 2012

No evidence of discrimination in SC high school

About nine months ago, we wrote about a complaint filed in Kershaw County, South Carolina where parents of a high school cheerleader felt the team was not being treated equally. Also there was some financial sketchiness about where the cheerleading team's money had gone.
At that time I noted that an OCR investigation would be interesting because cheerleading, in the way they are doing it in Kershaw County, is not recognized as a sport.
But this article, which states that the OCR investigation revealed no discriminatory treatment, does not mention this aspect at all. The complaint about access to quality coaching, funding, and facilities was apparently filed on behalf of all female student-athletes and thus, I would presume, does not apply specifically to the cheerleaders. But there was another complaint which mentioned similar issues that was filed in reference to the treatment the school gave to its softball team. The investigation into this claim also yielded no evidence of discriminatory actions or results.
Despite the confusion over which team was allegedly being discriminated against and whether cheerleading is a sport that receives equal treatment--it seems this case is closed.