Monday, February 26, 2007

One to watch

UNC Charlotte has decided to go ahead with a study that will look at what it would take to bring a football program to the school. The school has been under some pressure from students and alumni to institute a football program, but administrators are quick to say that the study does not mean a football team is a guarantee.
Early number show the addition of a football team will result in a pretty hefty hike in the student athletic fee. Student government at UNCC organized a poll that ends tomorrow to gauge student interest in the endeavor.
UNCC has been talking about the possibility of a football team for some time now and every time they do they say a football team will not get in the way of Title IX compliance. They have stressed they will not eliminate men's teams and are likely to add women's teams. Currently the school offers soccer, basketball, track & field, cross country, softball, volleyball, and tennis for women.
Right now it appears they have achieved substantial proportionality but the addition of 80 scholarship players on a football team would skew that considerably. UNCC would have to add, I would guess, 3-4 women's teams to account for the addition of football.
It will be interesting to follow the study as it progresses as well as student and fan reaction.

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