Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Women's Sports Foundation Website Gems

The Women's Sports Foundation's website is great, and this month they added a couple of new features that make it even better. One is called "Ask the Expert," which lets users search a database for answers to questions about women in sports as well as and submit questions to the organization's experts. The database includes answers to FAQs on a number of Title IX issues from booster club compliance to filing lawsuits to the statute's effect on men's programs.

The other is Women's Sports Statistics, an up-to-date file of relevant statistics about all kinds of topics. For instance, maybe you've always wanted to know:
  • that the average attendance at a Women’s Professional Football League regular-season game ranges from 1,000 to 4,500.
  • that only 34 Sports Illustrated covers published in the last ten years have featured women, and this figure includes the 10 annual swimsuit issue covers.
  • that at last count there were only three African-American female athletic directors and only 165 black female head coaches at non-HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities).
  • that women made up 30% of the 3800 athletes competing at the Paralympic Games in 2004, while the US Olympic team was 42% female.
  • that in 2002, women controlled 80% of all sports apparel dollars.
Hope this gives a sense of the great variety of information Women's Sports Statistics has compiled in one helpful place.

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