Friday, October 05, 2007

Mediation Could Resolve Feather River College Litigation

Here is a brief update about the ongoing Title IX litigation between Feather River College and three of its former employees who are challenging the College's decision to fire them as discriminatory and retaliatory. For background, see this prior post. KRNV news is reporting that the three plaintiffs and FRC have been in mediation, which is a form of alternative dispute resolution that assists parties in pursuing a settlement in lieu of a verdict.

Thus, a mediated settlement, should it occur, has the potential to curtail the ongoing litigation, which has been proceeding simultaneously in three venues: federal court, state court, and in administrative hearing before the California State Personnel Board. Of all three, it is the CSPB that is scheduled to make the next move, as it plans to conclude its hearings in early November. I'm guessing that the timetable for mediation has that date in mind and that if the parties are going to settle, it will be prior to that time.


Anonymous said...

Mediation may resolve this college's litigation, but have they learned anything? I understand they recently funded a head women's softball coach and head women's soccer coach with part time salaries and NO Benifits. Why is this college not funding the women's sports programs even after all this exposure and litigation? Seems like they have NOT learned a thing, just trying to get out of this litigation.

Anonymous said...

I went to thi colleges website and it was mostly old information.

How many sports does this college offer? How many fulltime benifted coaches Men vs Women?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this college trying to clean up their act?

You would think they would get it!

Anonymous said...

This college should take note of the Fresno State Title IX litigation and settle why they can!