Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Colorado Settles with Lisa Simpson for $2.5 million

The University of Colorado has announced that it will pay sexual harassment plaintiff Lisa Simpson $2.5 million rather than go to trial to defend its failure to supervise the football recruits who sexually assaulted her and another plaintiff, Anne Gilmore. Gilmore will receive $350,000 to drop her claims as well.

In September, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals paved the way for either settlement or trial when it reversed a district court ruling that held CU's alleged conduct did not violate Title IX. Later, CU indicated that it would seek reconsideration of the Tenth Circuit decision. Today's settlement, obviously, moots any plans.

Simpson stated that she is "pleased with all the steps the university takes to prevent any of its students from becoming future victims of sexual assault." After paying out nearly $3 million to settle this case, CU should be motivated continue to take steps and not backslide on progress it has made.