Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Male coaches win jury verdict in discrimination, harassment case

A jury in Hattiesburg, Mississippi awarded over $1 million to three former coaches -- all men -- who had sued the University of Southern Mississippi, alleging they were victims of discrimination and harassment because of their sex. According to the Hattiesburg American, the plaintiffs, John Vincent, John Mollaghan, and Ged O'Connor were the coaching staff of the women's soccer team until they were terminated in 2000. Vincent, the former head coach, had alleged that he lost his job in retaliation for resisting the sexual advances of a female athletic administrator, the Senior Woman Administrator. The plaintiffs also alleged that it was "made very clear" to them at the time of their termination that USM "preferred to have a woman coaching the women's soccer team."

Vincent received $500K from the jury; Mollaghan $376K, and O'Connor $300K.