Saturday, September 27, 2008

Add to the settlement column...

...former San Diego State University swim coach Deena Deardruff Schmidt.

We can also add Schmidt to the million plus settlement club. SDSU agreed to a $1.45 million settlement in the case. Schmidt did not comment after the settlement was announced (her attorney called it a "fair and reasonable" result), but SDSU is patting itself on the back saying:
“The parties agreed that this settlement recognizes the substantial efforts by Schmidt to implement, develop and improve the women's swimming program at SDSU, and reflects her contributions as a coach,” SDSU said in a statement. “The case was settled at its early stages before any determination of liability was considered or reached.”
Of course had the university recognized her efforts and their own sexism earlier, they wouldn't be paying out $1.45 million. The article linked above breaks down the amount. It also does well to note the trend in settlements and jury awards going to coaches charging discrimination and retaliation.
You can read some of the history of the case in the article or our coverage of it here.