Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"If I had my choice of clients to represent, I would side with the plaintiffs."

That's what a lawyer for FGCU reportedly told its Board of Trustees at an August meeting to encourage the Board to settle with Coach Flood, Coach Vaughn, and general counsel Wendy Morris, who had all brought gender discrimination and retaliation lawsuits against the university. That lawyer, Aaron Behar, also questioned the credibility of the university president, Richard Pegnetter, whose truthful testimony would have been necessary for the university to mount a convincing defense, especially in Wendy Morris's case (her allegations of his direct involvement in the retaliation against her is detailed here).

Also, it was reported yesterday that FGCU's Athletic Director, Carl McAloose, will resign in the wake of the multimillion dollar settlements. FGCU agreed to buy out his contract for $653,872. Which seems generous to me, given McAloose's direct involvement in the retaliation that now seems certain to have occurred.