Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Stepping up to the plate

Who's stepping up to the plate? Me, this week, as the others are off in sunny CA conferencing.
But also Logan Young, the Indiana teen who, along with her parents, filed a lawsuit against the Indiana High School Athletic Association which has a rule that bars girls from playing baseball when a school already has a softball team. Young, as part of an agreement between Young and her high school, will be allowed to try out for the team this coming March.
But her trying out was never really an issue. IHSAA had previously granted a waiver to another girl and had said it would do so for Young. The Youngs' lawsuit against IHSAA seeks to eliminate the rule. Thus that part of the lawsuit remains unsettled and, of course, unsettling. If the organization will just keep granting waivers when someone whispers "lawsuit" in their ears, why not just get rid of the silly rule.
There seems to be some fear about girls flooding the baseball fields and leaving boys to...play softball I guess. Horrors!
At least that's the impression I get from this headline: Lawsuit's impact may limit opportunities. Unfortunately it's from the Herald Times out of Bloomington and it requires a subscription. [If anyone has one we would love to see the whole article/editorial.]