Thursday, February 26, 2009

Former Assistant Coach Sues Fresno State

Did you think we were done blogging about Title IX cases against Fresno State? Me too.

But the Fresno Bee reported Tuesday that a new lawsuit will soon be filed by a former assistant track and field coach, Ramona Pagel. Pagel is a former Olympian and American recordholder in shotput. She was an assistant coach of the men and women throwers on Fresno State's track and field team for three years, but was passed over for the head coach position notwithstanding her favorable performance evaluations and Fresno State's apparent policy of hiring from within. Pagel maintains that the hiring decision, as well as Fresno State's decision not to renew her contract, was motivated by sex discrimination and retaliation for her advocacy on behalf of women's athletics.

That's all the detail we have at this time, but I'm sure there will be more news and analysis to come.