Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fields of discontent in Ohio

A parent has notified the ACLU which has sent a letter to the Chillicoth school district saying that they may be in violation of Title IX due to the discrepancies between the high school's softball and baseball fields. Which are the facilities in question remains a confusion because the baseball team's usual field has been out of commission for several years during building facilities renovations. In that time they have had access to two different off-campus sites. The softball team, however, does not have an on-campus field and their off-campus facility is sub par according to the letter and the complaining parent. They apparently don't even have bases when they practice which seems odd but the lack of proper dugouts and fencing are also problems and the team does not have the authority to maintain the field themselves.
No complaint has been filed with OCR yet and the school district has not formally responded.

Also apparently, according to the story linked above, a softball/baseball facilities complaint has just been filed with OCR regarding a Toledo school district.