Friday, July 09, 2010

Inside Higher Ed takes notice

Erin's recent publication in the Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy got the attention of the editors at Inside Higher Ed. They published a synopsis of her article on the Title IX whistleblower cases, the impact of the high success rate of the cases brought by coaches and administrators who take issue with the ways in which athletic departments are (or are not) enacting gender equity, and even talked to Eric Pearson, chairperson of the College Sports Council, a group with whom we "Title IX lemmings" (a term used to describe me recently--NOT by Pearson) usually butt heads. But Pearson is all for protection against discrimination and notes the difficulty coaches have speaking out against their respective administrations.
If you want the highlights, check out the column. If you want the whole thing and don't have access to the DJGLP, email Erin about getting a copy of her article.
Good work, Erin!