Monday, June 20, 2011

Slippery Rock back in legal trouble

Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania is back in legal hot water again. (Click on the Slippery Rock tag for more on the history of Title IX lawsuits and settlements.)
This time a lawsuit is being brought by two women who are claiming retaliation over their participation in the initial lawsuits, which lead to SRU having to reinstate three women's teams that had been cut.
The first plaintiff is the women's volleyball coach who was told her contract will not be renewed when it ends in 2013.
The second woman is an assistant to the athletic director who says she has been overloaded with work and left out of department meetings she otherwise would have been a part of.
The lawsuit alleges that the retaliation is also due to the fact that the athletic director, Paul Lueken, cannot work with strong women.