Thursday, June 19, 2014

Investigation Opened at James Madison University

The Department of Education recently opened an investigation into allegations that James Madison University violated Title IX by failing to adequately punish three male students found responsible for sexual assault. The university has reportedly subjected the three to a ban from campus that kicks in after their graduation, raising serious questions about with it has satisfied its obligation under Title IX to take reasonable steps aimed at preventing the reoccurence of sexual assault.

In January of this year, the victim reported that the three male students took advantage of her intoxication while they were all away together for spring break the year before.  They videoed themselves groping her and trying to take off her bathing suit and then later circulated the video -- which reportedly shows the victim saying "this isn't okay; this isn't a good idea" -- around campus. A judicial officer found the men responsible and, as punishment, prohibited them from taking part in commencement or returning to campus as alums.  Yet, they were able to obtain their degrees.   The victim, meanwhile, has withdrawn from the university.