Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Changes in Morehead State's Athletic Department

In an effort to increase opportunities for female student-athletes, Morehead State University, is reconfiguring its athletic department. What is especially interesting is how they are going about this. At UNH, OU, JMU all we heard about were cuts, cuts, cuts and the allegedly disparate effect on men.

But at MSU cuts is not a word we are hearing. MSU will eliminate men's and women's indoor track and field. But they are keeping men's and women's outdoor track and field. This means there are probably very few student-athletes who will be without a chance to play as most indoor athletes participate in outdoor track. Also, the men's and women's rifle team will be consolidated into a mixed team. The women's golf team is being elevated to varsity status. And, in the next few years, MSU has plans to add women's bowling and equestrian programs.

The story linked above is actually an MSU press release so obviously the insititution is not going to point out any negatives in this plan. But, from what I have read, this seems like a responsible and creative way to balance financial interests and limitations with gender equity.