Monday, February 18, 2008

Slippery Rock cuts swimming

It's official. Slippery Rock University which, several years ago tried to cut women's swimming and diving and water polo but was prevented by a lawsuit, has done so. SRU was prevented from cutting these viable women's teams because it had not achieved proportionality and the court ordered that SRU must remain within two percentage points. They currently are. Earlier in the year some of the original plaintiffs attempted to re-open the case when rumors of the cuts were swirling but the judge would not rule on how potential future proportionality would break down.

SRU administrators have said they plan on remaining compliant with the court's mandate through roster management though the article did not give further details about what teams might be expanding their rosters.

Lead plaintiff Beth Choike, a member of both the swim and water polo teams, noted one of the issues with roster management:

"It's not fair for teams because the ones not playing aren't getting the quality experience."