Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two years, two complaints in Darien

OCR headed to Darien, CT for the second time in two years last week. In 2006 after a complaint filed by a parent of a female swimmer, OCR visited Darien High School only to find no problem with the swim programs but an issue with the number of opportunities female student-athletes were (not) getting. Girls' teams have, subsequently, been added.

But a complaint about facilities has drawn more attention to the school. A complaint was filed this past fall (how is it that DHS gets such quick turnarounds from OCR??) that again seems to stem from issues around the girls' swim team (less practice team and access to facilities) but has expanded to include issues of dedicated facilities that affect all female student-athletes. Additionally the softball team is citing inferior facilities to those afforded the boys' baseball team. Swim team boosters are also complaining that they have not been allowed to raise funds for a new pool in the same way supporters of boys' baseball raised money for a new field.

No word on when OCR will issue its report.