Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chronicle Reports on Title IX Conference

By way of addendum to Kris's roundup of coverage of the Title IX Conference in Cleveland, here's a link to an article in yesterday's Chronicle of Higher Education (account/password requried).

The article reports conferencees' opinions on a number of current events related to Title IX, including the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights upcoming hearing on the interest survey policy, the JMU lawsuit, and the CSC's recent report* on the decline in participation opportunities in men's sports.

On the last issue, the both Judith Sweet, a former AD and senior official at the NCAA , and professor/AD emerita Dr. Christine Grant (the reporter erroneously calls her Ms. Grant)** object to the CSC's report for underreporting the increase in opportunties in certain men's sports, which have outpaced declines in other men's sports.

*I'd link, but their website does not appear to be working.

**On further review, it appears to be the Chronicle's policy to forgo the use of the title "Dr." altogether. The paper instead refers to doctorate-holding professors of both sexes as Ms. and Mr. accordingly. I retract and regret my suggestion that this was an error or a dis.


Chad McEvoy said...

"(the reporter erroneously calls her Ms. Grant)"

Erroneous? Uh, no. I have my doctorate. If someone refers to me as "Mr." instead of "Dr.", they are not in error. Slightly disrespectful perhaps, but certainly not erroneous, unless the reporter incorrectly identified their gender, which is not the case here. To think its erroneous merely propagates stereotypes of academic elitism that some of us in academe would rather not fuel thank you.

EBuz said...

OK, "disrespectfully" then.

I thought "erroneous" was a more diplomatic way of making my point because it avoids accusing the reporter of bad faith.

But if you want to call it disrespectful to demote women by failing to use the titles that accurately reflects their degrees, you won't get an objection from me.