Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thanks, Al Morganti

Morganti is a sports reporter from New Jersey who gets it.
...when is enough money enough money? It seems no matter how much money a college football program generates, most of the money goes right back into -- you got it -- college football. Otherwise, how can you explain all of these schools with great football programs making the tough decision to cut some other sports. You can blame it all on Title IX if you like, but you can also make a far better intellectual argument that Title IX is the single most important sports story of the past and future generation, because it really did bring about some equality.
The article is not really about Title IX--outside this mention--but about making football better by eliminating the bowl game system and going to a tournament similar to that in basketball.
I don't know if that would really save money or make things better for athletic departments as a whole, because I am not Andrew Zimbalist, but it certainly would demystify the football post-season process.

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