Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two positive editorials in one week!

It makes us women's sports advocates a little giddy when two columnists in one week show anti-Title IXers the misdirection of their pointed fingers.
Ron Morris of South Carolina's The State took Mississippi State head baseball coach Ron Polk to task for blaming Title IX for the fewer number of scholarships. Baseball player discrimination, is what Polk calls it. Morris calls it stupid--not in those words; he is a little more diplomatic. Morris, like the USA Today editorialist, sees bloated football rosters as the culprit here and recommends the elimination of red-shirting except in the case of injury.
Many of us have been pointing to the excesses of football for so long that we wonder if anything will ever change, but Morris is optimistic:
A decade ago any talk of football reductions would have fallen on deaf ears. Today, with more and more businessmen replacing former football coaches in athletics administration, the time might be sooner than you think to begin serious talks of trimming the excesses in football.

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Anonymous said...

MSU Coach Ron Polk has not "blamed" Title IX in his rants against the NCAA. He has said many times that he is all for Title IX. His fight is against the NCAA and their opinion that Div. I college baseball teams shoul donly get 11.7 scholarships total. That is ridiculously low for the 3rd largest revenue sport at any most universities (a very good rev. sport at MSU BTW). And let me say this regarding football scholarships....if it were not for FOOTBALL there would be NO scholarships for ANYONE ins ANY (other) sport. Football is the cash cow. So what you should be saying is THANK YOU FOOTBALL! For providing the other sports an opportunity to have a scholarship program. You seem to have blinders on as far as where the money comes from. As said in a pretty good movie...."you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall....I would rather you just say THANK YOU!"