Saturday, August 25, 2007

Softball parents want more

Parents of softball players at Millry High School in Alabama are not pleased with the treatment and facilities their daughters receive. They and some other concerned folks have written a letter listing their complaints and plan to give it to the county Title IX representative this week. (It seems to be a good sign that there is such a position and that people know who is in it.)
The grievances include a sub-par weight room, and playing facility which includes the field, dugout, and concession stand.
Parents also may be worried that the softball outfield will be used for football stadium parking because previous parking, according to the article is being taken away to make room for a new gymnasium.
Once the Title IX representative receives the complaint he will undertake an investigation.

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bandbaby11 said...

well, i agree sumthing should be done about it. i mean this new gym is takin up the band practice field and sofball areas..and meanin over half the students arent allowed in the new gym. this isnt fair to anyone. the band has no where to practice but on the softball field which isnt fit 4 our band and is hurtin the field!!!