Monday, January 07, 2008

Last thoughts on the 35th

People were writing about the 35th anniversary of Title IX into the very last days of 2007. This post on AlterNet discusses the origins of the legislation and highlights some of the major effects since its passage 35 years ago. Not a lot of new information, understandably, but some good statistics--always helpful in the heat of an argument with an anti-IXer.
What caught my eye was the careful attention the authors paid to the women who initiated and ensured the legislation's passage. I am always a little wary when a piece about Title IX's history begins with Representative Patsy Mink, because, despite her role in the process, she was not the legislation's initiator. But right after Mink, the authors make sure to note former Congresswoman Edith Green's role and Dr. Bernice Sandler's grassroots efforts. We worry, especially after reading the new The Encyclopedia of Title IX and Sports, that Sandler, who was the first to call attention to the discrimination women faced in education and do something about it, is being forgotten or downplayed in some of the discussions. We were quite disappointed that she did not even appear in the new Encyclopedia.
So kudos to the authors for not falling prey to the Wikipedia version of Title IX's passage (it's only about Patsy Mink) and for even getting a quote from Sandler.