Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lawsuit filed against FGCU

We knew it was coming; at least we hoped it was coming. Florida Gulf Coast University is being sued for retaliation and gender discrimination. I suspect that more lawsuits will follow but this first one has been filed by volleyball coach Jaye Flood who, and note that we don't even know everything that has been happening behind the scenes,* has experienced a great deal of hostility at FGCU.

Flood is still on administrative leave pending the findings of an investigation--scheduled to be completed next week--into student welfare issues that stem from an alleged shirt-grabbing incident last fall.

The lawsuit follows a complaint Flood filed with FGCU's employment office. Flood is alleging that she has been retaliated against for her participation in the Title IX complaint that the university received and investigated internally last summer. In addition to her suspension she has been told her contract will not be renewed when it expires this summer. This is despite the fact that she is FGCU's winningest coach, that she built the volleyball program from scratch, and that she was named Atlantic Sun coach of the year this past season.
This site contains an audio clip of a statement Flood made to the media.

Stay tuned for more details of the lawsuit and, of course, the investigation findings.

*But we do know a little more because the complaint filed the other day that contains more details can be found here.