Thursday, December 04, 2008

SDSU raises fees to support athletics

San Diego State University has been contemplating for a while now a fairly dramatic increase in one of its student fees. An increase that would support their cash-strapped athletic department.
When I first read about the story a while ago the increase was being presented as a way to fund an additional two women's sports that SDSU needed to add to meet the gender equity standards for CSU schools.
This presentation was disturbing because it painted a picture of women's sports as sucking dry athletic departments and then asking the general university population for help.
The latest news from SDSU has confirmed a fee increase of $80 per semester. But it also clarified that the increase would be going to support a student spirit initiative, the general athletics budget, club sports, and two women's sports. The list reflects the many needs of the department and that the increase will support more than just student-athletes. It also provides evidence to contrast the nonbelievers who say football is able to support women's athletics and thus should be exempt from certain rules and regulations.