Monday, December 08, 2008

Southern Nevada girls start soccer season

As we noted not too long ago, the Title IX lawsuit brought by the parent of a high school soccer player in southern Nevada was "settled" in that both sides agreed that the girls could play in the winter for another year. The school district has tried repeatedly to move girls' soccer to its traditional season--fall. This would allow a statewide championship instead of post-season play that is more sectional in nature.

I'm not going to rehash the argument as to why Title IX is not applicable in this case, as we see it.

But this article about the upcoming season has me shaking my head--again--about what people are thinking in southern Nevada. The Clark County School District will spend the year looking at Title IX compliance and the finances; as in, do they have money to add a girls' winter sport. The sport they are considering is lacrosse. But girls' lacrosse is played in the spring, you might say. Right. So to remedy a situation in which a girls' sport is being played in its non-traditional season, the district is considering adding a different sport which would be played in a non-traditional season.

We could be talking about southern Nevada for a long, long time.