Sunday, April 05, 2009

Congratulations future leaders!

We at the Title IX Blog offer our enthusiastic congratulations to our friend and fellow Title IX advocate Amy Wilson, a PhD candidate at University of Iowa. Amy was recently named, by NACWAA (National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics), one of five Administrators of Tomorrow.
Here's the write-up of Amy's accomplishments:
Amy Wilson is the recipient of the Football Bowl Subdivision Administrator of Tomorrow Award. Wilson has garnered several accomplishments during her graduate and doctoral stint at the University of Iowa. Wilson was co-creator (along with Dr. Christine Grant) of the Gender Equity Questionnaire that was used by the University of Iowa in its NCAA Certification Self-Study for Title X issues; was elected by her peers to be the Ph.D. representative to the Graduate Faculty Committee; and has given 8 presentations on Title IX in the last 2 years, including one at 2007 "Girls & Women Rock”: Celebrating 35 Years of Sport & Title IX Academic & Legal Conference. “She is a natural leader among her peers and is highly respected by the graduate faculty. ...the highest compliment I can pay her is to select her to take over my Title IX Website and assume my responsibilities to make Title IX presentations when I decide to step down,” stated Dr. Christine Grant, Professor at the University of Iowa.