Monday, April 06, 2009

NC county trying to comply

Not sure how reliable all the facts provided in this article are given that the writer(s?) thought that OCR stands for Office of Civil Review.

It's probably true, though, that the county schools of New Hanover have a list of Title IX violations most of which relate to facilities. But they are not news either because OCR--that's the Office for Civil Rights--has already paid a visit to North Carolina. In fact, this past Monday was a deadline for remedying some of the disparities. And some have indeed been remedied.

At one school what was once the boys' baseball locker room has been divided in half (wall down the middle) for the girls' softball team, which previously did not have its own dedicated locker room.

Other improvements are apparently on the way with renovations to fields being high on the list.

Also appears that the ABC affiliate in NC is running a series about the Title IX issues. So stay tuned. There may be more.