Monday, April 12, 2010

Pittsburgh audit complete

In early December of 2008 we wrote about the forthcoming Title IX audit of nine Pittsburgh area high schools. The findings of that audit, which was spurred by the Women's Law Center's initial research into gender equity in the public schools, were released last week at a school committee meeting.
Peg Pennepacker was the leading consultant on the project and she spoke about some of the findings, the most notable of which, the committee believes, is the lack of self-esteem among Pittsburgh students because of the lack of good athletics programs and opportunities. In addition to the lack of support of interscholastic athletics in Pittsburgh, the opportunities for girls in the schools is "far below" the national average in part because schools have not been proactive in expanding the opportunities for girls.
Recommendations from Pennepacker include:
  • the development of a strategic plan of action, which would include a timetable, to expand opportunities for girls.
  • oversight of booster clubs.
  • the appointment of a Title IX compliance officer.