Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More on the Delaware track team complaint

The complaint filed with OCR by those trying to save the Delaware men's track team remains in the news this week. And Erin was asked to comment on the situation for The News Journal in an article in which we learned more about the complaint and motivations.
Erin's comments further or better clarify my own from the other day about the complaint and forthcoming investigation. It remains unclear what OCR will be investigating. People associated with the team and the complaint have said that they are seeking publicity and answers and accountability. And I understand all these motivations but remain unconvinced that filing an OCR complaint suggesting that the way in which Delaware chose to enact Title IX, specifically the component requiring the provision of equitable opportunities for participation.
The concept of reverse discrimination is part of the backlash rhetoric. And while many who support the Delaware men's track athletes say they are not upset with or opposed to Title IX, the filing of this complaint using this language contributes to the problem. And I was surprised to see that the lawyer who represented the equestrian team recruit at Delaware State is now affiliated with this complaint.
Again, I support those affected by the cuts in their efforts to get answers and hold the administration accountable. But I don't really think there is some secret, nefarious agenda that is going to be revealed by the investigation of this complaint. It seems that Delaware has prioritized other things in the athletic department. It seems most athletic departments operate rather unapologetically under a corporate model that measures success in revenue dollars and publicity rather than the personal experiences of individual student-athletes. It is this system that should be questioned.
There are likely many different "truths" here. I wonder which one will come out on top.