Sunday, September 02, 2007

Facilities issues in Winona, Minnesota

We keep hearing more and more about complaints being brought over unequal athletic facilities--so many of which have to do with baseball and softball fields.
This latest story of facilities out of Winona, MN is no different. This news story though goes into more depth than other accounts I have read of facility inequality. Also a problem in Winona though are locker rooms including showers--the boys have them, the girls' are currently being used to hold equipment.
There are varying levels of concern over these issues at Winona Senior High. And despite the detailed account of the discrepancies most everyone's awareness of them, it does not appear that solutions and actions are forthcoming.
Apparently the term "structural inequality" has taken on a new meaning in the halls of Winona High. The locker rooms are configured in such a way that expanding the girls' facility would require significant structural changes. This, of course, means a lot of money. Money (lack of) has been the impediment to bettering the softball field, according to the story. It seems the field improvements would be first priority especially because such a visible alteration, and the publicity might appease some.

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