Saturday, September 08, 2007

Track Coach Sues University of Hawaii

Carmyn James, head women's track and field coach at the University of Hawaii, filed a Title IX lawsuit against the university this week. She alleges that the UH discriminates against women's athletics by providing male students more opportunities and by underfunding women's teams (something we've blogged about before). She cites disparities between the terms of her employment and those of her male counterparts, and also charges that the Athletic Director, Herman Frazier, retaliated against her for advocating for gender equity.

By one account, James's decision to file suit "crystallized while attending the Aug. 30 UH dinner celebrating 35 years of Title IX and Hawai'i Congresswoman Patsy Mink's contributions to the landmark equality in education amendment that carries her name." She was inspired by the event to, in her words, "take this final option that was left and try and create a positive change within the department."


Anonymous said...

I went to UH as a woman athlete! I could say more but I will leave it at that with one big opinion...good for Ms. Carmyn James. It's about time someone stepped up to the plate. It's going to be one heck of a battle b/c the athletic director won't fight on his own.....he will deny the truth. Carmyn is not only going to have to fight one bean......she's gonna have to fight the whole burrito!!!!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY someone did 'something'!