Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No money is not an excuse

Earlier in the month I wrote about the inequitable facilities at Winona Senior High in Minnesota. Administrators are aware of the problems but state they don't have enough money to fix the problems.
This editorial takes aim at this flimsy excuse noting that lack of funds would not be an acceptable excuse in other contexts like providing subsidized lunches. The writer also correctly notes that good facilities and good treatment are not the privilege of the sports that have large audiences.
Lack of money has never been an acceptable rationale for the perpetuation of inequitable treatment and conditions. Winona is going to need to come up with some creative solutions soon. For example, condition and size of the locker rooms are one of the issues. What about alternating the locker rooms on a yearly basis?
Given that everyone in Winona knows about the disparity it seems some action needs to be taken very soon if Winona wants to avoid the additional cost of a lawsuit.

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