Monday, November 10, 2008

Fresno lawyer gets big kudos

Warren Paboojian who represented--quite successfully--some of the coaches who filed Title IX lawsuits against Fresno State, received the attorney of year award from the Consumer Attorneys of California, a trial lawyers' association, this past weekend. The award was in recognition of Paboojian's work on the Stacy Johnson-Klein case in which Johnson-Klein, the former Fresno State women's basketball coach, won a $9 million jury verdict.
The award recognizes a lawyer whose work on a case has far-reaching effects. We believe we have seen such effects not only in CA but beyond; the recent settlements in three of FGCU lawsuits seem to be evidence of the "Fresno Effect."
It's nice to see those who work (often for very little money) on behalf of those who have faced institutional discrimination get recognized.