Monday, November 03, 2008

It just could be a trend

Virginia Commonwealth University is thinking about adding a football team. Those who have advocated for such an addition see a potential opening coming their way. The current VCU president, who said he would never approve the addition of football, is leaving next summer. A new president, who was a football fan, could get on board with the addition. All they would have to do is convince him/her that raising all that money for new facilities would be a piece of cake; that incurring all that debt shouldn't be a problem--especially in this economy; that figuring out how to become Title IX compliant with the addition of all those opportunities for male athletes and all those scholarship dollars shouldn't take much longer than, say, a weekend.
The current athletic director believes because of VCU's size (32,000) that somehow football would inevitable. It will be interesting to see if the search for a new president is somehow influenced by the desires of certain VCU constituents.
And while VCU is still in the consideration phase, other schools are forging ahead. Old Dominion begins DI play next year and Georgia State will field a team in 2010.